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Few people think of the East Rand as a place to visit a day spa. Many people think of the East Rand as the home of the airport, with its noise pollution, or as a thriving commercial and industrial area. The fact is that there are an awful lot of busy people living in the East who have perfected the art of finding convenient malls beauty salons for quick routine beauty treatments. SMS's and Facebook work overtime every time a new salon opens its doors and offers opening specials.
A day spa offers more than just a quick, cheap venue for daily maintenance. It offers a place to relax, be pampered and restore damaged body cells that are often verging on collapse because of daily stresses.  Day spas offer treaments based on water, natural seaweed, Dead Sea salts and mud, as well as natural organic sources of minerals to revitalise skin. Some are in commercial premises with clean lines, minimalist decor and earth tones to help one gain a sense of being in a natural haven.  Others boast natural garden settings where clients can commune with nature and really chillax. Virtually every business hotel or conference centre has a  day spa with qualified staff always on hand.
How to find the time and money for such a 'luxury'? Your weekends are filled with domestic responsibilities and weekdays are dedicated to those all essential careers that consume body and soul, leaving little time to re-generate tired bodies and minds. This is where Company personnel reward programmes come into their own. Many country spas and conference hotels offer day spa packages. Without moving too far away from the work-base, valued employees can spend time bonding in a pampering environment.  
It's guaranteed - East Rand day spas close to your home and work are waiting to massage your cares away!

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