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It is a given that every therapist at a Pretoria East day spa has to understand the concept of lifestyle management for health benefits.   
This is because the class of people who seek day spa treatments in Pretoria East are not easily satisfied with routine middle-of-the road therapies and therapists. We’re generally health and life-style conscious and seek more from a visit to a spa than a quick nail treatment or massage. We expect our therapists to be committed to keeping their clients' skin and musculature in prime condition for the long term. A beauty therapist who does not understand the important roles of diet, exercise and massage, should not be offering her services in Pretoria East. At the same time, the therapist's skill level with beauty treatments must be very high. She must be talented at identifying potential skin and body health problems and have the tact, credibility and expertise to suggest appropriate acceptable remedial measures or programs.  
Clients in Pretoria East are not going to be satisfied with hackneyed, dated methods as the international spa industry moves on and adopts effective new treatment measures. Spa owners and therapists in the area have an obligation to network, research, learn new methods and test new products in search of greater benefits for their clients. This is because clients who loyally stay with a spa over a period deserve a sensitive and responsive approach to our changing bodily needs.  
At Pretoria East day spas there are roles for therapists that would normally be fulfilled by cosmetologists, dieticians, personal trainers, image consultants and life-style coaches.  In-service training for skills development is an absolute must so that clients will want to visit a Pretoria East day spa instead of calling their personal mobile therapist to minister to their massage, health and beauty needs at home.

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